Apply to the Tech4Regeneration acceleration program

The 2024 applications are closed.
The 2025 call for applications will be announced at the closing ceremony on November 2024.

Eligibility Criteria

If your startup meets these criteria, we encourage you to apply and take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to propel your venture forward and make a lasting positive impact on Biosphere and Society.


Less than 7 years of incorporation — We welcome registered startups that are in their early stages, recognizing the potential for groundbreaking ideas to emerge and make a significant impact.


Demonstrated technological innovation — Your product or solution should be based on disruptive technology, patented IP, or scientific breakthrough, responding to a well identified problem.

Technology readiness

Ready-to-market product or solution — Your startup should have a product or solution that is developed and tested, ready to be launched or already on the market. This ensures that you can take full advantage of the programme's resources and support to accelerate your growth.


Customer acquisition and/or internationalization phase — You should be actively seeking to acquire customers and expand your user base. This indicates that you are ready to scale your operations and benefit from the program's exposure and networking opportunities.


Alignment with our mission — Your solution should demonstrate a potential net positive impact within at least one of the application fields outlined by our program. We aim to accelerate startups contributing to the transition towards a regenerative economy, i.e. moving away from business models based on overconsumption, extraction and exploitation, to ones where social and ecological goals are integral to the company’s mission.


Dedication and active engagement — We expect participating startups to attend all programme activities and foster open, collaborative exchanges with fellow participants to fully leverage the available resources, mentorship, training, and networking opportunities.
Although the programme is open to international startups, beware that some events require the physical presence of one of the startup founders or leaders at EPFL or other locations in Switzerland.